Rigid Substrates

A wide range of rigid substrates are found in automotive interiors. Based on design intent and structural performance, the typical injection molded parts range from styrenetic materials such as ABS and PC, to polypropylene and TPO. Regardless of the polymer makeup of these parts, nearly all require a coating to enable these widely varied plastics to achieve a uniform appearance and overall design aesthetic. This range of appearance covers both visual items (gloss, color) as well as the perceived “feel” of the part.


The first waterborne 1K material to meet insect repellant requirements. Easy to apply and economical with outstanding scratch and mar resistance. Adheres to a wide variety of substrates with low temperature cure demand.


A high performance 2K waterborne coating that imparts very specific feel to hard injection molded parts. This coating is Low VOC with excellent application properties and can withstand the most severe chemicals used across the OEM’s.


A solventborne 2K that provides tremendous color and gloss range over various substrates. A truly enabling coating with excellent hold-out, covering surface defects like knit lines and gate blushes.


A second generation of the high performing AEMX series, this 2K solventborne material has even greater chemical resistance, meeting all current OEM requirements. Like the first generation, this product is easily applied and uniquely effective at covering a variety of common molding defects.