Flexible Substrates

There are many flexible substrates in automotive interiors. The purpose of these materials is to impart a sense of luxury. Our coatings are formulated to provide improved touch and uniform appearance upon part formation. Coatings used on these substrates allow a polymeric material to mimic natural materials such as leather. These pseudo leather materials are found on instrument panels, door panels and various seating applications.


A polyurethane based basecoat-topcoat system that provides excellent feel and scratch resistance while remaining impervious to chemicals generally used in OEM testing. This system, while mainly graveure applied, can be sprayed at relatively high speeds with low cure demand. TPO and vinyl sheet coated with this system can be post-embossed and/or elongated in subsequent manufacturing processes.


A polyurethane – acrylic blend material that serves as a primer for foamed PP in bilaminates. This coating facilitates the adhesion of the PP foam as the bilaminate film is bonded to various injection molded parts. This coating is economical based on low film thickness and high throughput rates.