Leather Alternatives For Any Market

The desire for more luxurious automotive interiors has led to more surfaces being covered with leather or synthetic skin materials (the same trend can be seen in the hospitality and marine industries). All leathers used in industry are treated and coated then wrapped or sewn into a part. Many synthetic skins have been developed as lower cost alternatives, including Vinyl (PVC), Thermoplastic Urethanes (TPU), Thermoplastic Polyolefins (TPO) and Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE). Flat skins can be formed from these materials which can be coated then wrapped or sewn on to a part.

In some cases, the synthetic skins can be coated then thermoformed into the desired shape of the parts. Some synthetic skin materials can even be made into a part through a slush process where small beads of the synthetic material are melted on to a part mold. These slush-molded parts can be fully or partially coated once formed.

  • TPO Bilaminate
  • TPO Compact Sheet
  • TPO Cut-and-sew
  • TPU
  • Slush Molded PVC
  • Injection Molded PVC
  • Cast PVC
  • PVC Fabric Backed/Scrim/Cut-and-sew